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Akashic Forums

  1. What exactly are the Akashic forums?

    Well, it's really quite simple.

    Some people tell of a place called the Akashic Records, a cosmic library that is updated automatically and conatins the history of the universe.

    I played a bit with the name.

    Now it's a place for people to come and talk about practically anything that is cool, weird, or Arcane in any way.

    Magic, Science, History, Electronics, Math....anime, cartoons, video games. Pick something awesome!

  2. What can I post here?

    Pick something! Here we talk about anything nerdy, geeky, strange, awesome, or otherwise technical. There is a post right now talking on the Supercollider and the faster than light particles discovered recently there.

    Nerds Unite!

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General FAQ

  1. Just what are forums anyway?

    Forums are a place where people can gather online to post about and discuss their ideas.

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